Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday night in Seattle

Today. I had a moment that happens every fall. When the rain soaked roads in Seattle smell like they did when I first moved here. Leaves cover everything and it's cold and gray and I am a bit melancholy because the sunshine is gone and time seems to be moving very fast. Some fall memories that crash through my head ....

1994: my first fall here. Upown espresso coffee, Seattle Rep and Roxy
1996: high on the adrenelaine of sold out shows of subUrbia
2000: the end of my time with the theatre company
2001: Hope the Cat comes to live with me
2003: times change forever in my family
2004: I buy my first home. A loft.
2005*: a new job. a new context.

Fall = change in my life... sometimes it's sad and sometimes it's happy. Always change though. Last week my mom put my childhood home up for sale. I can't decide if this is sad or happy yet. It's strange. What will be my "home"? Will it be the final thing that makes Seattle seem like home? Will I think of my mom's new condo (which is not even in Massachusetts -- it's in New Hampshire!) home? Will home just become about the people?

Ah the fall..... so many questions. Always so many questions.

*PS - I cannot even bear to put how the Red Sox screwed up w/Theo Epstein. That is too much to even put in the list. Yes, this particular mistake of my favorite team makes me LIVID.


At 9:35 PM, Blogger Eve said...

You have a LOFT? Sigh... lucky. We've always wanted a loft, but I think it will remain an unrealized dream. now that we have a dog and 1.5 children, we're not very lofty.
I can relate to the childhood home being sold- that's a toughie.

At 11:06 PM, Blogger Jenn said...

Ah, thanks Eve. I always dreamed of having a loft and I finally got one last year. It's pretty fun urban living but would be hard with 1.5 kids. Congrats on that .5!


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